This foolproof concealer hack will help you create cut crease eye looks in little to no time

Cut crease eye makeup has been dominating social media since Instagram’s conception and it’s hardly surprising considering how scroll-stopping the bold look is.

Whether created with pigmented matte eyeshadows or dusted with glitter, it’s the contrast between the crease and eyelid that signals this signature look.

“Cut crease is a technique which enhances and defines the crease of the eye,” says Sascha Jackson, head makeup artist at Stila told GLAMOUR.

“Unlike the ‘smoky’ eye, the cut-crease uses a contrasting shade and little blending, and makes the eyes appear bigger by creating separation between the crease and the upper eye area.”

Ready to try it yourself?

This foolproof concealer hack will help you create cut crease eye looks in little to no time

How to create a cut crease:
  1. Start with an eyeshadow a few shades lighter than the darkest one that you will use. Work this into the socket, but avoid the lid – you want to keep this area clean and light.
  2. Then take a dark shadow, like a deep brown or black, and work this into the lighter shade but concentrating on the crease keeping the lower edge sharp.
  3. For maximum effect, you can also finish off the cut crease by adding a dash of glitter along the crease, like Stila’s Glitter Glow Liquid Eye Shadow. This gives a more dramatic look, along with a hint of sparkle.

Cheat’s way: If you’re after a super defined crease, apply your eyeshadow as you normally would. Then, using a light liquid concealer and an angled eye brush, draw a line along your crease and fill in towards the lash line. It will create a dramatic contrast, which you can then re-trace with a colour or glitter liner of your choice.

The technique, which complements all eye shapes, “modernises the 60s look,” says Sascha. Remember the gorgeous Twiggy-style makeup that inspired a generation? This is the 21st-century version.

A cut crease looks amazing in photographs, too. It’s a great way of adding depth to the eye and giving your makeup look a special twist.

Need further direction? Check out our guide to a cut crease for monolids, and have a look at this easy-to-follow tutorial:

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