This epic gender neutral makeup brand values inclusivity, not tokenism, and we’re so into it

Makeup brands are slowly taking giant leaps into becoming more inclusive, whether it’s including more shade ranges into their collections, or using models with *actual* facial hair – and one new brand is particularly making waves for some of the most underrepresented groups in the industry.

Founded by Laura Kraber and Isabella Giancarlo, the pair behind innovative brand Fluide are trying to fill the void left by mainstream makeup ranges for people of all skin tones and all gender identities.

The idea came around when Kraber heard her children talking more openly about gender expression and realised there weren’t actually any queer beauty brands out there.

Their makeup is made up of lots of super bright, super queer shades…oh and a tonne of glitter, which we love, obv.

In conversation with Allure, she said: “It’s still white, heterosexual, cisgender women who are represented by beauty campaigns.”

“We wanted to represent people who have not been represented.”

This epic gender neutral makeup brand values inclusivity, not tokenism, and we're so into it

Fluide also cast their models by scouting “real” people on the streets of New York City, and one of their original models was scouted on the C train of the subway. In addition, they also always try to work with queer photographers, stylists and hair and makeup artists where possible, as well as donating 5% of their profits to LGBT charities.

In the early stages of the rapidly-growing brand, Giancarlo and Kraber crowdsourced ideas for products, shades, and product names, so that they could receive diverse opinions from within the communities they were trying to represent, and today, all of Fluide’s makeup shades are odes to queer spaces around the world including C’mon Everybody, House of Yes, and Secret Project Robot.

And if that hadn’t won you over, the brand also prides themselves on being totally cruelty-free and vegan.

We can see this being a big hit…

The Marco Marco show featured ALL trans models ??

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