This easy styling hack loved by influencers will update any outfit for the new season

The answer to that last question is, of course, a resounding yes. If you ever even consider purchasing an item of clothing that you know will only serve you for the current season may we, politely, suggest that you immediately reconsider.

You’ll be doing the environment – and your bank balance – absolutely no favours, and you’ll only have yourself to blame when you’re sitting under a pile of clothes in the midst of your sixth major wardrobe clear out of the year.

Instead, for an instant wardrobe refresh it’s wise to buy versatile pieces and look to sneaky styling hacks that have the power to transform an outfit with the just slightest tweak.

And while there are endless styling tips and tricks that the fashion crowd swear by – like how to hold your clutch, which prints to mix and, of course, ‘shrobing’ – there’s one little detail that influencers and fashion editors have sworn by recently… and you may even have all the items you need already.

Just as we were all getting used to our new morning routine of shower/tracksuit bottoms/coffee/emails at the kitchen table, along came the British government to announce a partial lift on lockdown. With pubs, restaurants and (thank GOD) hair salons set to re-open on Saturday, a lot of us have begun to question our own sartorial abilities.

Do I know how to put an outfit together any more? What are people wearing these days? It was winter last time I put on a real outfit and now it’s summer, what are the trends? Is last summer’s wardrobe viable?

We are, of course, referring to the XXL collar. A little bit pilgrim, a little bit Victoriana, a lot cute, they’re everywhere right now thanks to their undeniable versatility.

Perfect as a soft feminine accent atop a fairly basic white shirt or even a point of interest at the neck of a little summer dress, pieces made with this collar in situ are more useful than you may well be giving them credit for.

The perfect layering piece, by wearing anything from a sports sweatshirt to a high-neck dress or a knitted sleeveless vest over your collared item – providing you pull the collar out over the top – you can breathe new life into an old classic.

Don’t have any oversize collars just yet? Scroll down to snap up the best pieces that can be paired with several of your existing favourites to create a smorgasbord of timeless looks…

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