April 17, 2024

This contouring hack is *so* extra, no wonder TikTok’s going absolutely wild for it

Given that we’ve tried literally every beauty hack TikTok has to offer – fromeasy french braidstousing hyaluronic acid on our hair– we’re only to happy to give our beloved contour palette another chance.

Reckon the days of extreme contouring are over? Think again, as the beauty maestros over at TikTok are determined to bring back the iconic beauty trend.

Rikki (@rikkisandhuu) is leading the resurgence. She recently shared a TikTok effectively recommending that people paint rainbow stripes of concealer, bronzer, and blusher to create a perfectly contoured glow.

First, Rikki swipes a thick line of SHEGLAM Color Bloom Liquid Blush across the centre of her face, starting from her right cheek – parallel to the tail of her right eyebrow – continuing over the bridge of her nose, to her left cheek, parallel to the tail of her left eyebrow.

Next, she adds concealer. Using Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer, Rikki glazes another thick line above the blush. She then adds a line of Clinique Chubby Stick Bronzer underneath the blush.

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She explains, “It doesn’t need to be neat, you can just do it however you like,” which is basically the go-ahead to have as much fun as possible with this.

She then directs you to add contour your face as you normally would, using bronzer to create shadow along your jawline and temple, and concealer to the areas of your face which reflect light naturally, such as your cupid’s bow and the tip of your nose.

Before you start blending, Rikki recommends spraying a layer of setting spray to moisten and ‘activate’ the products. She then uses a clean, angled contour brush and swipes along the products so that it “blends out seamlessly. ”

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Makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira) was initially skeptical of this hack, saying, “It’s getting out of hand. How do people come up with this sh*t? ” But that didn’t stop her from trying it out for herself.

After following Rikki’s tutorial, Mikayla chose to blend the product with a beauty blender instead of a contour brush, saying, “The big thing is just to blend in the area of the product and not move it around. ”

It seems she was impressed with the finished result as she admitted, “I feel really attractive. ” And yep, we can confirm she looks AMAZING.

Excuse us while we spend the rest of the day painting our faces.

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