This brand will collect and sell any designer items you’ve rediscovered during lockdown wardrobe clear outs

But where to start when you have a designer item you want to sell for what you deem a fair, appropriate price?

Cudoni is the UK’s leading premium luxury fashion and goods resale service, where they treat every client as a VIP. Specialising in designer goods, they sell everything from clothing to handbags, luggage, watches, fine jewellery, and even high-end consumer electronics – providing your item is by one of the brands specified in their vast designer directory.

While everyone seems to be on very different pages right now as far as ‘lockdown’ is concerned (we all know just as many people still loyally isolating and ordering groceries via delivery as we do those justifying 14-days post-hol isolation for a quick paella on the beach), but the one thing still tying us all together is the collateral impact of four months of quarantine.

We all swoon over the briefest glimpse of Paul Mescal, we all know how to make a Dalgona coffee, we all know someone who’s had to postpone their wedding (some who’ve done it twice!), and we ALL have a post-clear-out bin liner full of clothes by the front door.

It seems, once we’d finished Tiger King, that most of us took advantage of whiling away the hours at home via a mass wardrobe cleanse. And while you no doubt wouldn’t think twice about donating the vast majority to your local charity shops, there’s the occasional rediscovered hidden gem that once meant an awful lot to you that could likely fetch a lot more money if it were sold independently. You could, of course, then donate those earnings to charity.

The item(s) will be picked up by complimentary collection from a location of your choice, before they take a thorough look at the item and open up a discourse with you about commission structures and data-driven valuation to arrive at an agreed price bracket.

They then professionally photograph the product and go on to sell it across their multi-channel platform, listing every item around the world as part of their multi-channel approach. Rare or unique items are extended directly to a network of private buyers.

They also achieve a sales price that is on average 30% higher than if you were to sell the same item independently…

Chloé Faye Shoulder Bag, Sold for £650*

Hermès Leather Garden Party Tote Bag, Sold for £1400*

Givenchy Medium Antigona Leather Satchel, Sold for £800*

Balenciaga Metallic Edge City Handle Bag, Sold for £700*

Versace Leather Wristlet Clutch, Sold for £210*

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 30 Handle Bag, Sold for £750*

From the point of collection to the point of payment after sale, your items are also insured throughout the entire process.

It also goes without saying that re-selling items is a brilliantly sustainable move. Encouraging circular fashion, the more that we all buy and sell second-hand items the fewer new pieces need to be made.

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