This bear who chilled in a hot tub, drank a margarita, then took a nap is summer goals

Mark Hough had just eased himself into his hot tub and taken his first few sips of a fresh margarita when he heard the snapping of twigs. He looked over to see a bear climbing over his backyard fence. Hough ran inside and started filming the bear, who picked up right where he had left off.

If you’re nursing a 4th of July hangover today, then you’re not alone. A bear in Southern California was caught on camera hot tubbing, getting drunk, and living his best life.

The bear hung out in the hot tub for a while, soaking in the relaxation right up against a water jet. He then knocked over Hough’s margarita before lapping it up. He finished his chill sesh with a nap in a tree.

The “bear-necessities” aren’t enough for this bear. He’s all about the lifestyle only an upper middle class Southern California home can provide. Have a day, bear.

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