This band knows the secret to make touring a lot more enjoyable

Wilderado is bringing their deep southern roots of Indie rock and Americana to music-thirsty audiences around the country, which means they spend A LOT of time on the road traveling from show to show. Life on the road in their van is basically 90% of tour life, so they want that 2005 Chevy Express to smell great.

With a little help from Turtle Wax, the band is able to keep the pungent scents of tour life out and the refreshing, relaxing fragrance of Caribbean Crush™ in.

In the third edition of Road Trippin’, we decided it was time to join the band. We hopped in with Wilderado as they drove to play the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis where they wowed the crowds with some stellar tunes.

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Touring for months at a time can be taxing, and the guys from Wilderado want to take every advantage to make all those days and nights on the road as enjoyable as possible. A clean space makes it easier for them to feel comfortable and think clearly – key components to being able to create new music on the road.

It’s easy to see how a little fragrance enhancement can go a long way: GROSS Smelling Car = Cluttered Thoughts… Cluttered Thoughts = Music Writing Struggle… GREAT Smelling Car = Flowing Thoughts… Flowing Thoughts = Music Writing Success! As the band put it, “The van always feels better when it’s clean.”

Here’s how they do it:


Imagine you’re relaxing on the beach, basking in the sunshine as you sip on a tropical beverage with a tiny umbrella. That’s where the interior of your car is going to transport you once Turtle Wax Whole Car Blast brings you that Caribbean Crush fragrance.

If you want to max out your results, be sure to clean your car and remove any sources of odor. Then turn on the car’s A/C to max strength, and turn on the air recycle feature.

Place the Whole Car Blast can in the cup holder of your car.

Firmly press down on the valve to release the automatic mist. Leave the car. Give it about 15 minutes while the mist seeks and destroys odors. When you’re done, dispose of the can.

(Pro Tip: Use the Travel Spray to target odors on the go.)

To lessen the amount of fragrance keep windows cracked while you spray. After the scent settles, open car doors to increase air flow.

With the help of Turtle Wax, Wilderado crushed it at the Beale Street Music Festival. Coming off the stage, they undoubtedly found comfort in returning to the cleanest, best-smelling tour van out there! Whatever adventure you choose, remember to seize the moment, even if it means getting a bit stinky – Turtle Wax has your back. Learn more about all of the amazing products Turtle Wax has to offer HERE!

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