July 22, 2024

This artist makes paintings come to life using real ants, photos

There are all kinds of different mediums artists use to create their work. Some use paint. Others use the pixels of a computer or sculpt a piece out of stone. But Artist Iantha Naicker uses a more unconventional drawing tool: ants.

Naicker will paint part of an image, then trace the remaining outline of the image with bits of sugar to attract her tiny subjects. Then, she waits. She says it is especially difficult because it requires snapping several photos in a row at the perfect moment, adding that she will often have to repaint and redo the entire process two or three times to get it right.

But it all pays off in the end. Her unique pieces literally come to life. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Follow her on Instagram and buy some of her other work on Zazzle.

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