May 25, 2024

This Aladdin, Themed Anniversary Shoot Is From a Whole New World

If you are a fan of classic Disney movies, then you know that they all end with that magical “happily ever after. ” But what happens after that fairy-tale ending? An Aladdin-themed anniversary shoot, of course!

This Aladdin, Themed Anniversary Shoot Is From a Whole New World

Ruby and Eric tied the knot with a gorgeous Disney-themed wedding that was so fabulous that it made it on to Disney’s wedding TV show. The pair decided to keep the Disney flame alive and enlisted photographer Jenna Henderson to help them capture their love with this Aladdin-themed shoot.

“They had reached out to me about taking Aladdin-themed photos, and from there we came up with creative ways to give their portrait session a magical touch,” said Jenna. “We actually hauled a ‘magic carpet’ up hiking trails and rocks to make our session come to life, but we didn’t mind for a moment because we had a vision in mind. ”

And the photos are absolutely worth the effort because they are full of fantastic details – like Ruby’s blue-and-gold necklace that alludes to Princess Jasmine’s headband or the photo in which Eric is offering Ruby an apple, which is a direct reference to the iconic scene from the movie.

Check out the amazing photos from this shoot and then spot many more hidden gems!

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