July 17, 2024

This 33-year-old actress always plays a teenager – here’s her skincare routine

Next year, she will also film the much-anticipated third season of comedyDerry Girls, which follows the raucous lives of a group of 16 year olds growing up in Nineties Northern Ireland.

This December, Nicola Coughlan appears in Netflix period drama Bridgerton as a 17 year old young lady making her debut into London society.

The actress, whose career regularly demands 4am starts and extensive makeup followed by long days of filming, turns 34 in January – but is regularly cast in roles half her age. So how does she do it? Nicola shared her skincare routine on her Instagram stories, plus two of her most important secrets.

“Newsflash guys, water’s good for skin! ” she laughs after divulging that she drinks two litres a day. “Can’t believe I was the first woman alive to realise the health benefits of water,” she adds comically. Hydration is a key part of maintaining overall wellbeing, and its most visible benefits are seen in healthy skin.

But if you’re already mainlining H20 faster than Joey Tribiani chugging milk, don’t despair – Nicola also reveals her go-to products for a glowing, youthful complexion. Luckily for us, there’s not a triple-figure miracle cream or limited edition serum in sight: in fact, these are the sort of products you might already have in rotation.

“It’s all Lush stuff,” she explains in her video, emphasising that she is “not remotely sponsored by them”. She’s favoured the brand since she worked at one of their stores when she was an actual 15 year old (when her skin, we imagine, looked like an infant’s).

Lush is an award-winning skincare brand that has been lauded for its approach to ethical practises: it is committed to being cruelty-free, and campaigns against animal testing; all its products are vegetarian, with a vegan range available; it strives to make all of its products plastic-free where possible, with recyclable packaging where necessary. And even better, Lush’s commitment to the environment doesn’t compromise how effective its products are – as evidenced by Nicola.

These are Lush’s 6 best-selling products (and they’re all under £18! )

She makes the most of two cleansers – Angels on Bare Skin, a gentle exfoliator, and Ultrabland, a creamy makeup remover – and follows up with Eau Roma, “a really nice rose water toner”. She advises her followers to “always moisturise your eyes and your neck”, using Enchanted Eye Cream and Cosmetic Lad moisturiser. Like her, we’re huge fans of the Full of Grace serum, which comes as a packaging-free bar that feels gentle but delivers fast results (and lasts for months).

Nicola’s final secret? “My mum looks really young, that’s the main reason I look young”. OK, so you can’t change your genes, but you can invest in products that make the most of your own. The best part? Prices start at £6, and you can replicate her exact set of skincare products for only £68.

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