April 20, 2024

This £25. 99 Amazon midi dress is all over Instagram and influencers are obsessed

Its popularity has really blown up in recent weeks thanks to Grace Atwood, founder of lifestyle blog The Stripe and cohost of the Bad on Paper podcast, who started a hashtag on Instagram for the #AmazonNightgown and has a Highlight on her profile of different people wearing it.

Amazon seems to have another viral fashion hit on its hands: a long-sleeve midi dress from seller R. Vivimos, available in 25 different prints, for £25. 99.

“I found out about it a few months ago, via Hitha Palepu’s newsletter,” Atwood tells Glamour. “She referred to this $30 Amazon dress she was loving, so obviously I clicked on it and was like, ‘Oh, I need that. ’ I ordered it in two colours. ”

Once she got it, she started wearing it around and outside the house. And that’s when she started noticing something…interesting. “I would get stopped on the street and asked where I got it. It looks like this beautiful vintage thing or something Ulla Johnson would make,” she says. “Then people started messaging me, ‘I got your Amazon dress! ’”

“I still didn’t think it was a big deal until I was home on Cape Cod with my family – it started to be this thing where at least five people a day sent me messages with them wearing their Amazon nightgown,” Atwood says. “Every time I log into my DMs, I have at least a couple of messages. ”

Atwood originally bought the Amazon Nightgown as a beach cover-up, “but then I realised that if you put a pair of cute gold Loeffler Randall heels on, you can take it out of the house. ” She wrote a whole blog post about it.

Atwood has an Amazon shop through her site, and she can see what people are buying via her affiliate links – and she says people have been digging her Amazon Nightgown.

Some of the customers have been fellow influencers, like Blair Eadie of Atlantic // Pacific, who wore the dress on her blog. “She’s a good friend of mine, but we don’t have similar tastes – Blair’s this style icon and everything she does is fabulous, while I’m in cutoffs and T-shirts most days,” Atwood says. “Even her more high-fashion audience has a need for this because not everyone can buy the dresses she’s wearing. ”

There you have it: Another season, another Amazon find bringing people together.

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