April 12, 2024

This £15 gadget has thousands of five-star reviews for banishing cracked heels

The battery-powered beauty gadget uses finely ground diamond crystals in an extra coarse roller which exfoliates even the toughest skin, so no matter how much you’ve been pounding the pavements you can get perfectly pedicured feet in just a matter of minutes.

Forget the professional pedicure; beauty lovers are going wild for Scholl’s Velvet Smooth electric foot file to buff away hard, cracked skin from their heels.

With sandal season well underway, the annual (and rather unsexy) dilemma of how to get rid of hard skin on our feet is back – and a £15 gadget from Scholl is outselling its peers as the number one way to get smoother soles.

With over 1,500 five-star reviews on Amazon, users swear by it for leaving dry and rough heels super smooth, making it the number one bestseller in the e-tailer’s pumice stones category – and with good reason.

The glowing reviews include before and after pictures showing the impressive results, with one user claiming it’s ‘the best thing I’ve ever bought for my feet’ and others calling it ‘magic’ for making their cracked heels disappear.

It’s not just popular with women either – men are getting involved too, with one user commenting that it’s a ‘Great bit of kit ideal if your pampering your mrs feet to get in her good books’ sic while another was shocked by how well it works, saying ‘it’s almost as powerful as my Bosch belt sander’. Ouch. Luckily the electronic roller has a safety feature that stops the device if you press too hard, so you know your feet are in safe hands even though you’re not in the salon.

Best of all if your cracked heels often leave you feeling embarrassed to don your flip-flops, you don’t have to worry about wearing it out – you can top up with refillable roller heads (available in various levels of coarseness) for baby-soft feet all year round. We’re sold.

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