Thirty-year-olds behave like children and stand in line for computer games

The Harry Potter virus has amazed the whole world: mature adult men are eagerly reading children’s tales, looking forward to the next series of “The Simpsons”, selflessly chopping in Counter Strike and wearing T-shirts with Beavis and Bathed.

About their way of life says teenage clothes, a complete lack of interest in politics and other “adult” fun, as well as a tender love for all kinds of ridiculous, but useless gadgets. Why do 30-year-old men behave like children, the correspondent of SE explained.

The word “kidalt” though causes in the minds of Russians unpleasant associations with the harsh 1990s, to the concept of “throwing” has nothing to do. This neologism is formed from the fusion of two English words: kid – child and adult – adult. He first appeared in 1985 on the pages of the New York Times, the author described men, keen on cartoons and fantasy.

Today the kidalt is a middle-aged man – 30-35, most often a man who enjoys occupations that are traditionally considered the lot of children. “We are about thirty, and we have not become brutal hard workers and exemplary family men. We are a new generation that has remained children.

We are not what is written in our passport, work record, checkbook or medical book. These are just some “little black letters”, – wrote one of the kiddates under the name fireba in his Internet diary.

The joy of

Kidalty’s imagination is not as active as the Japanese otaku fanatically fascinated by cartoons, music or comics, they do not impose their way of life on anyone, they just want to live as they like – for fun. And they like the game – in any of its manifestations: from funny pictures to the joint writing of fantastic stories. They do not participate in the race for money signs and do not seek to expand living space. Money for them – only a source of eternal joy, because they can buy a funny cap or a book by Max Fry. “We are controlled by our imagination,” continues the fireba. – We come up with reality on the move with a half a pint. We juggle these realities, as well as words for their description.

We are really delighted that the image on the screen of the monitor is subject to our will. We are ready to pay real money for sets of pixels and do not regret it at all. 

After all, they are ours (but the money is not ours, they are even written that they are state-owned banks). ” It is difficult to say whether they are fighting with the system adopted and approved by the majority, rather, they are outside it.

Generation next

According to sociologists, the emergence of “new adults” is associated with a huge number of new opportunities. The fathers of today’s 30-year-old thugs worked to survive, married early, because sex outside marriage was condemned by society, and the appearance of children forced them to stay where they are so as not to lose the source of income. The new generation has a choice – the world has become more diverse.

According to the research, the worst is in men. According to the psychologist, psychotherapist of the European registry, Alexander Zhukov, this is due to the fact that the society initially makes more demands on men than on women. To list all the qualities that must be present in the representative of the stronger sex, not enough fingers. Therefore, a man who sat on a computer game, will cause more questions than a woman collecting Teddy bears. By the way, among the Novosibirsk people there are many men who are childlike to the game.

As the seller-consultant of the store “Technosity”, when they brought a new version of the game Warcraft, behind it lined up, and more than half of the buyers were adult men.

“The game is a good way to get away from failure,” explains Alexander Zhukov. – The game is very easy to become a hero – you can win, and most importantly – to replay. The man feels where he is more comfortable, and sits down. In the game he lives his life – there are a lot of emotions, events, but it’s safe! “.

Escape to childhood 

• Run, Lola, run. According to psychologists, the most important reason that adults fall into childhood is escape from reality. Who among us at least once in my life did not want to return to a carefree childhood? The desire of many adults to remain in the traditionally childish state of enthusiastic surprise is just an attempt to escape from the world of ties, diaries and credits.

“These people want to relieve themselves of the burden of individual responsibility,” says Alexander Zhukov. – After all, to survive in an aggressive world, where you have to constantly prove something, it’s difficult and scary. 

This is a normal social phenomenon, the adaptation of a group of people with a certain social status. ” You can laugh for a long time over a 40-year-old man dressed as a teenager, but still if you hide, it’s better with wide pants, not a bottle of vodka.

• The real child. “On the one hand, I see the aspiration to emphasize one’s individuality in the kiddaths, and on the other, a pathology,” says Alexander Zhukov. The term “Peter Pan syndrome” psychologists often call infantile, emotionally immature people who refuse to commit themselves, dress up and behave like teenagers. The world of adults seems to be dangerous for them, so they want to stay in the comfortable privileged conditions of the child. “Everyone has their own reasons – someone lacked parental support, someone was influenced by social conditions,” the psychologist continues. – As a result, people could not withstand the pressure of the outside world and broke down. His mental structure is frozen, a protective cocoon has been formed – then for him the maintenance of the child’s image is a necessary condition for its stability.”

• From sin away. There are psychologists who dig deeper – in their opinion, the Kidals are trying to deceive death. Say, the one who looks like a child, behaves like a child, and talks like a child, to grow old (to approach death) by definition can not. Science does not stand still, and faith in the afterlife few people calms. If the reason is really in this, the Kidlats are hard to judge, because behind any female ritual – from dyeing hair to injecting Botox – the same fear is hidden.

• Who is the newcomer?There is another version, evolutionary. Few people will be surprised by the man who is keen on hunting, numismatists are morally outdated, but still relevant, and even sad boys with black lips wandering the streets of the city are already perceived calmly and with understanding. New activities with fast speed replace the old: instead of hunting – a computer game-shooter, instead of old coins – model cars, instead of punk Iroquois – a backpack with the heroes of South Park.

You can talk about a bad demographic situation for a long time (they play dolls here!), About the heavy female share (they are sitting at the computer!), About the crisis, finally (and they are reading fairy tales here!). And you can just take advantage of their Kidalka children’s adult experience and learn something. After all, the ability to enjoy pleasure from the mere trifles and to marvel at the innumerable possibilities of the surrounding world is useful not only for children.

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