They’re the self-gift you deserve for dealing with 2020

So despite the festive season being scuppered, you won’t find us bemoaning the lack of Secret Santas or the state of our social lives. NO WAY!

We’re going to channel our inner Joan Collins circa 1980, paint on a completely inappropriate slick of liquid eyeliner for today’s Zooms and spray a perfume that’s so major, so magnificent and so inappropriate it’s like you’ve swan-dived into a giant Champagne saucer and reappeared in real-life Kira Kira.

It’s the festive season but not as we know it. No office parties or piling into the back seat of a cab in a jumble of sequins, big coats, lipstick and blowdries. Then asking the driver to crank up the Bublé.

It’s at this time of year we naturally crave perfume the most, as the Christmas lights go on and the diary fills up with catch-ups and festive events. A big, ballsy and beautiful party perfume is the ultimate accessory that can boost our confidence, like a pair of invisible scented stilettos.

We’d argue fragrance is even more important in these WFH days, it can feel like the only shred of luxury and elegance we have left as we slip on yet another pair of joggers (not complaining btw). We’re also big believers that applying fragrance is an act of self-love.

Wait.. what do you mean you don’t have one?

We’re delighted to come to the rescue with these scented stunners that swirl with fiesta vibes and smell like actual glitter. Our advice is to wear them with wild abandon, whether you’re at that kitchen table or down the veg aisle in Tesco’s at 7pm.

Plus, they’re precisely the kind of epic freedom fragrances you’re going to want to spray yourself silly with when we can finally wave goodbye to lockdown tiers and finally step back out into society and choose what, where and who to mingle with…

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