July 18, 2024

These were the most-Googled fashion trends of 2020 and some will surprise you

Taking top spot was “casual fashion trends” and considering 2020was the year of working from home with little social plans in order, it’s not a massive shock.

Loungewear accounted for most of the sales for many high street and designer brands, where loose-fitting knitwear and comfy co-ords became our everything while anything tight was out (skinny jeans? No thank you).

On Wednesday, Google released its annual “Year In Search” report, which outlines all of the top-trending searches of 2020. And when it comes to the most-Googled fashion search term, it won’t come as a huge surprise.

Another top style search term in 2020 was “Covid fashion trends” one that saw a surge during lockdown, while normality came to a halt, many of us were keen to look suitably chic – and just needed a steer in the right direction.

While those terms were pretty guessable, this one might throw you. Another one of the top five most-Googled fashion trends this year was, wait for it, “Suits. ” Not to be confused with that legal TV drama starring a certain Meghan Markle. We know, strange right? Especially considering all of the above.

However, there is some sense to it. While those of us working from home slipped into joggers and slippers (with a smart top for Zoom, we weren’t silly), it seems some of us were actually quite missing dressing up for work and looking ahead for 2021 so we could get our profess style back. Kate Middleton’s super slick Alexander McQueen tuxedo suit that she debuted to present the Natural History Museum Awards may have prompted a flurry of interest.

With the return of The Crown Season 4 on Netflix, the last few months has seen Google interest in Diana’s 1980s style reach a peak.

Oversized collars, Bardot necklines, statement knitwear and shoulder pads were just a few of her favourite things – and ones designers are clearly jumping on the bandwagon with too, with the trend dominating brands such as Ganni, Ghost and ASOS.

While we couldn’t have predicted some of these results back in Jan, one thing we can be certain of, 2021 can only get better and maybe a bit bolder in the fashion stakes.

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