July 17, 2024

These were BBC Food’s most popular festive recipes last year

This year, BBC Food have released their most popular Christmas recipes – the festive foodie staples the nation couldn’t be without on the big day.

If there’s one thing we love about Christmas – aside from presents (obv) and spending time with our loved ones (well, usually) –it’s the food. Is there anything more comforting and joyful than a huge Christmas feast, lovingly prepared by the fam and washed down with a glass gallon of fizz and/ or mulled wine?

And for most of us, we turn to the holy grail of culinary knowledge that is BBC Food for our recipe how-to’s (if your mum’s old butter- and gravy-spattered Delia cookbook isn’t on hand, that is).

And no, to our surprise, the top spot wasn’t turkey. Or Christmas pudding. Or stuffing. Or even roasties.

Nope, the most-viewed BBC Food recipe across Christmas Eve and Christmas Day last year was none other than: red cabbage.

These were the top five search terms on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:

Ainsley Harriot’s delicious slow cooker mulled wine recipe held a spot in the top five right up to Boxing Day before dropping off – perhaps due to a few sore heads or an alcohol shortage? – while the quick and easy red cabbage dish using Christmassy spices of cinnamon and nutmeg nabbed the top spot.

And for post-Christmas Day – when it’s all about leftovers and chill – these were the sites most popular recipes up until New Year’s Eve:

So whether you’re helping mum out in the kitchen this Christmas Day or cooking the entire festive lunch yourself, bookmark this page for all the delicious Christmas recipes you could need. We’ll raise a glass of Ainsley’s mulled wine to that.

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