These two miracle products cured, a woman’s painful eczema, in just 3 days

Eczema can be painful, uncomfortable and might leave you feeling deflated and desperate for a cure.

But don’t lose hope yet, your search may be over.

One woman shared her best friend’s incredible skincare journey via Reddit, claiming she has finally found her cure after 27 years of living with painful eczema all over her face and body.

Using only a CeraVe Moisturising Cream (£14.50) and The Ordinary Glycolic Acid (£6.80), in under a week she was able to clear her skin completely.

So what’s the secret to her success?

After sharing that her search for a cure has consisted of trying “countless creams and numerous doctor visits”, the friend admitted she gifted her friend the two products in the hope that they might work.

The woman then used both the cream and the acid every morning and night for three days and saw incredible results – her friend claims it’s the “best her skin has ever looked”.

She’s completely transformed her dry and inflamed skin to a much clearer and soothed complexion – you go girl!

These products could be the new holy grails for those suffering with eczema, considering they boast some pretty powerful and effective ingredients.

CeraVe contains 3 ceramides and hyaluronic acid that work retain moisture in the skin.

The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid works to exfoliate the surface of the skin to brighten and improve texture.

Other ingredients include Tasmanian Pepperberry and Aloe Vera which help to reduce inflammation and irritation in the skin.

If you suffer from eczema then be sure to seek medical advice from your GP. You can read all about different skin conditions here.

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