April 12, 2024

These sweat absorbers have so many 5-star ratings online

The anti-sweat experts at Dandi London have created a new solution to visible sweat patches. It’s called the Dandi Pad and apparently, it’s been approved by celebrity stylists.

Ifdeodorantis just not doing it for you and you’d like to be a little better protected in the general armpit area, then we may have found a solution for you.

It’s getting hot (finally! ). Which means picnics, summer dresses and standing on the street outside the pub with a glass of cool rosé in your hand. It also – unfortunately – means we’re more likely to get sweat patches.

“The Dandi Pad is a slim, flexible, super absorbent underarm pad that adheres firmly to clothing, and is designed to prevent sweat marks and sweat stains, holding 1,000 times the average amount of underarm sweat,” Dandi explained in a press release.

“The super soft outer layer feels comfortable against the skin, whilst the absorbent and waterproof layers ensure your clothes stay dry and protected all day. Pair with your favourite odour control. ”

These little things are extremely popular online, with loads of five-star ratings.

“Dandi Pads where have you been all my life! A confidence booster for sure! Thank you! ” said one happy convert.

“Excellent product at a great price, did exactly what it said it would do,” said another pleased customer. “You need to get them in the right place which can be a bit tricky to start but once you’ve got that, they’re amazing. ”

“Absolutely changed my life,” said another. “Suffer extremely with hyperhidrosis my whole life and for the first time ever I can wear long sleeves. Can’t quite believe it! ”

“Transformed my life,” said someone else. “Something so simple, yet really, really effective has had a transformational effect on my life. I’d been prescribed meds by my doctor, but the side effects worried me. These are simple, safe and effective. I now feel more in control and confident, particularly as we move in to summer. Simple, yet great, great product. ”

This weekend is going to be a scorcher so maybe it’s time to stock up fast!

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