May 18, 2024

These supplements are transforming women’s hair from frizzy, to sleek with impressive before-and-after pictures

Long, healthy, lustrous hair to rival Kate Middleton’s is something plenty of women lust after. But if your penchant for heated styling tools and disregard for a trusty heat protectant spray has left your hair with split ends, a hair supplement could be the solution for healthier locks.

One particular supplement has been impressing women, leaving their hair healthier and glossier than ever.

Women have been taking to social media to showcase the results of the Antidote Australia’s ‘Hair Enhancer’ supplements – and the before-and-after photos speak for themselves.

The supplements, which you pop twice a day, are apparently designed with dry, brittle, damaged and thinning hair in mind. The makers also say their tablets are aimed at anyone suffering with excessive hair loss and lacklustre ends.

The brand is the brainchild of Sydney-based sisters-in-law, Ruth and Stephanie Robalino, and has even been dubbed ‘life-changing’ by clients.

The truth on whether hair loss supplements really work and how they can boost hair growth

So what makes them so potent? “Shark cartilage,” the sisters told FEMAIL.


“Shark cartilage is a source of minerals and proteins that are essential for hair growth. It comes from the skeletal composition of a shark and is collected ethically from sustainably fished sharks that are caught for consumption.

“In the US, shark cartilage is often called marine complex. But the rules in Australia are a lot stricter and so it has to be labelled whatever that ingredient actually is.

“The science behind it is that sharks have rapid cell production, which helps to boost the production of cells and blood supply around the follicles of the hair. ”

Interesting stuff.

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