These Super-Soft Facial Cotton Pads Have Ruined Steph for All Others

Like quality hangers that actually match or a nail file that doesnt feel like torture to use, luxurious cotton skin-care pads have proven to be a smart investment that goes a long way toward making me feel like a real adult who has her shit together.

Shiseido Facial Cotton, $10

Specifically, Im talking about Shiseidos cult-favorite Facial Cotton, which are easily the best pads Ive ever used. I rely on them daily for swiping on my beloved liquid exfoliants (this one or this one), and theyve made my skin-care routine infinitely better.

Plush and insanely soft – yet somehow not linty-residue-producing – these cushy pads are ideal for gently sweeping product (toner, makeup remover, micellar water, etc.) over skin without excessive friction.

Yes, theyre a tad indulgent: One package costs $10, which is certainly steep when compared to the many $2 drugstore options out there. But the 165 sheets last me a while – and have really added a new level of wonderfulness to my nightly routine. Allow me (as I so often do) to reference the philosophical teachings of Ferris Bueller once again: If you have the means, I highly recommend picking these up.

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