These Spice Sticks Ensure Your Dishes Are Perfectly Seasoned

Say hello to something called Seasoning Stix. California-based entrepreneur Katherine Zuniga currently has the product on KickStarter and on its own website, where it comes in flavors like classic garlic, backyard BBQ, herbs de provence, and Thai satay.

Achieving well-seasoned meat has long been a challenge in the culinary world. You can marinate, cure, and dry rub, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get it right (even if you’re a professional). Thankfully, someone has finally invented a product that will hopefully put an end to the madness that is poorly seasoned foods.

But the new craze for the company is their Sriracha Stix. Yes, you can have Sriracha-infused foods – in hyper-specific flavors like Sriracha Jalapeno, Sriracha Butter Garlic, Classic Sriracha, and something called Blend X, no less – without the hassle of making your own marinade. The sticks are available on Amazon, and come November 5, you’ll be able to order them on Prime. Start planning your dinner menus accordingly.

So, how do they work? According to the site, the sticks are to be inserted into the meat, fish, or poultry and at 110 degrees (F) the magic starts to happen. “Water is driven out of the meat, Seasoning Stixs begin to liquify and the meat absorbs the seasonings like a sponge.” The team calls it “seasoning from the inside out,” guaranteeing flavor deeper than the surface. Sounds good to us.

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