July 23, 2024

These SPF face sprays make applying sun protection easier than ever

Even so, it must be done. SPF is the best tool we have againstsun damage(besides staying inside, in the dark, which I do not recommend) and can prevent premature ageing of the skin as well as conditions such ashyperpigmentation, so it’s well worth investing the time, even if the weather would suggest otherwise.

As someone who never used to wear SPF unless I was on holiday somewhere blindingly hot, I know how much of a chore it can seem to be applying it every morning. Besides the fact it’s an extra step in my skincare routine, putting on SPF when it’s grey and miserable outside almost feels like a daily kick-in-the-teeth that I live in one of the most rainy countries in the world.

To try and make matters easier, I’ve found SPF sprays to be the quickest way to apply sun protection, as well as the least likely to leave a greasy film on my face right before I try to apply my makeup.

Requiring no more than a few quick spritzes, there’s really no excuse not to wear SPF everyday, come rain or shine.

The best jade rollers to pop into the fridge and use on your skin in the morning (and fake 8 hours’ sleep in the process)

Jade rollers are everywhere on TikTok and Instagram right now – adored by the best influencers and beauty editors in the business. But the concept of a jade roller is anything but new. In fact, much like the gua sha, jade rollers – or facial rollers, as they’re sometimes otherwise referred to – have long been used in Chinese medicine to rejuvenate tired-looking skin and aid in lymphatic drainage. More on that later.

Firstly – why jade? As with rose quartz – another stone many facial rollers are made from – jade is believed to have healing powers and the ability to absorb negative energy. Eye roll all you like, but after the year we’ve had? We’re down for trying anything. Jade also maintains a consistently cool temperature, meaning jade rollers feel cold, refreshing and energising on the skin when rolled across the skin in outward motions. Our top tip? Pop your jade roller into your skincare fridge before use.

The firm rolling motion itself promises to boost circulation, reduce swelling and puffiness by banishing excess fluid and help your skincare products to better absorb into your skin. The best jade rollers have dual ends, with the smaller roller best used to target more delicate areas of the face like your under-eyes.

If that wasn’t enough, the practise itself is a wonderful self-care moment, helping you feel relaxed and calm after a long old first day back at the office. Basically, if you’re feel puffy, face-bloated or a little bit worse-for-wear, it’s worth adding one of the best jade rollers to your cart. Even if they can’t cure that pesky breakout.

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