These pitches are as filthy as they were unhittable

Brad Hand is pretty damn handy with the off-speed stuff.

Miguel Castro 2 seamlessly put away another batter.

What’s more insane? Max Scherzer or his stuff?

Chris Sale with an All-Star edition of his slider.

Porcello with all the movement on this nasty heater.

Sonny Gray didn’t come here to play.

Stephen Stasburg’s curveball has still got it!

Julio Teherán is curving his enthusiasm.

Trevor Gott dem swings’n’misses.

Bit of old school Uncle Charles from Barry Zito during the 2001 ALDS.

Tim Lincecum was usually more funny off the mound.

Who’s Ozzie Smith you say? Oh, y’know, just at fifteen-time all-star, World Series champion, NLCS MVP, thirteen-time Golden Glove Award Winner and MLB Hall-of-Fame-er with records for career assist and double plays by a shortstop.

And also the owner of a pretty kick-ass signature backflip he’d bust out while taking his position. We’re honoring Smith with our exclusive ‘Ozzie Flip’ tee, available right here.

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