These Photos From the Loveland Theme Park in South Korea Will Make You Blush

The park also runs sex-education films and has some interactive pieces as well. And of course, there are ample photo opportunities featuring various phallic sculptures and depictions of people in moments of extreme pleasure.

Jeju Loveland: A place in Korea where sex-themed art and eroticism meet. The Loveland Theme Park opened up in 2004 and boasts 140 works of art that may make you blush – but are undeniably interesting to look at.

All penis jokes aside, Loveland is pretty remarkable in that, being the only sex-themed park in Korea, it aims to break down traditional taboos about sex. While sometimes graphic, the overall experience is one of a kind. Visitors must be 18 to enter, and admission is just a little under $10 USD. Take a look at the kinky photos of the park ahead.

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