These people hit the luck jackpot

I received this mountain of 360 snickers for free due to a coupon glitch.

Grabbing a bird out of midair. Luck or skill? Either way it’s a moment of pure gold.

A really perfect time to slow down.

I got a beef stick for christmas and when i opened it i realized it had an extra end from another one

These women didn’t change their plane tickets for a delayed flight and were the only ones on the plane. They got bumped up to first class and had a VIP experience.

A vending machine that broke and dispensed everything at once.

Played a game at a checkout and got a 100% discount.

Got out and saw this on the bumper. Gotta say, he’s pretty lucky!

I went to 5 Guys last night when they were closing, they asked if I wanted extra bacon cause they were going to throw it out. I didn’t expect this.

Got a soda out of a vending machine, and there is a quarter taped to the top.

My kid brother’s reaction after winning the 1000 ticket jackpot at the local arcade.

A chunk of quartz found in Arkansas worth $4 million.

Why would they give away an Xbox in boxes of Special K? It’s like the most adult woman cereal ever. I thought it was stupid. I genuinely couldn’t believe it. Crazy!

Bird bro heroically saving them from a fine.

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