These paranormal wartime mysteries are still boggling minds

While everyone talks about the battles and key victories of the great wars, no one really goes into detail about the spooky shit that went on (because it was classified) or it was dismissed as rumours and fringe science.

It should come as no surprise that catastrophic events with huge losses of life such as war, would have a paranormal component to them.

Except, there’s truth to a lot of the ghost stories.


Just because the official records to confirm, doesn’t mean the memories and experiences of the veterans don’t matter. They were there and they saw a lot of unnatural things happen; both by humanity and the ‘other side.’


The disappearance of Flight 19

On december 5th, 1945, 14 airmen departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They never reached their destination.

No sign of the 14 airplanes was ever found, but there’s a suspicious that the Bermuda Triangle had something to do with it.


The Deadly Double

On Nov 22, 1941, 2 weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbour, the New Yorker Magazine ran this strange ad. It showed people hiding in a bomb shelter, with the words “Achtung, Warning, Alerte!” and promoted a dice game called The Deadly Double.

Except the picture shows two dice with the numbers 12 and 7. As it turns out, the game never existed and we all know now that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour on 12/7/1941. Was it a warning?


The B-17 Ghost Plane

On Nov 23, 1944, a B-17 bomber came in for a landing at a British air force base in Belgium. There was no plane scheduled to land, nor did anyone communicate that one was coming. When it landed safely, the propellers kept on spinning for 20 min, but no one got out.

When a crew came to inspect the plane, there was no one on board and all the parachutes were accounted for. So who landed the plane?


The Battle of Los Angeles

After Pearl Harbour, everyone was understandably paranoid about further attacks. On Feb 25/42, radar and eyewitnesses picked up enemy fighters near LA and anti-aircraft guns started firing at 3 AM.

After it was all over, there were over 1,400 rounds fired, but nothing was hit. There were no signs of any enemy fighters, and the Japanese later confirmed that they never launched an attack on LA.


Heinrich Himmler and the Holy Grail

The Nazi’s and HImmler especially were fascinated with the occult, the paranormal and the mystical, so of course, they tried to find the Holy Grail. He once led a mission to an abby in Spain that was rumoured to the final resting place of the chalice, only to leave empty handed.

He figured that whomever controlled the grail, would win the war. He chose poorly.


The Diplomat Hotel

This building was once the Dominican Hill Retreat House, where nuns and priests resided in Baguio, Philippines. During WWII, people sought shelter here from the invading Japanese forces. The Japanese, instead, turned it into a prison and torture camp. Horrific acts were committed against the clergy, as well as children were abused and massacred.

After the war, it was turned into the Diplomat Hotel, but is reportedly haunted.


L-8 Blimp

This blimp took off in 1942 near the Golden Gate bridge to keep an eye out for Japanese fighters, but never came back. It was found crashed into a nearby house, with no sign of the pilots.

They were never heard from again.


The Headless Gringa

There’s a legend that during WWII, Baltra Island near the Galapagos was haunted. Early in the war, an American serviceman lived on the island with his girlfriend. When he found her unfaithful, he pushed her off a cliff and she was decapitated by rocks at the bottom.

For the remainder of the war, the air force base was reportedly haunted by her spirit, who targeted solitary men and killed them. Several service men were found mysteriously deceased during their tour of duty there.

Euforia Film

The Fourth Reich zombies

According to an article in Life magazine, there was a group of Nazi scientists called “Ahnenerbe,” which dealt with the occult. They collected the dead bodies of Nazi soldiers and experimented on them, with the hopes to restore and reanimate them to assist future generations of Nazi’s to rise, should they need it.

Contingency plan Nazi Zombies. Sounds like a crazy horror movie. In fact, it was.


The mysterious Castle Houska

This castle, just outside of Prague, Czech Republic, was built for an arcane purpose. It wasn’t constructed as a home or fortification, but because there was a giant hole in the ground that was allegedly the “gateway to hell.” Thus, a castle with a chapel was needed to contain the horrors that would crawl out of the hole.

So, of course, the Nazis needed to possess this castle and conduct evil human experiments, which they did on prisoners of war and the locals. After the war, the allies found weird experiments, ghostly encounters and the bodies of executed Nazi soldiers.

Operation Cone of Power

In 1940, after thousands of soldiers were rescued from Dunkirk, a group of witches congregated in an English forest. Supposedly, they led a magical assault on the mind of Hitler, and erected a cone of power that was going to prevent the invasion of England.

We all know now, that Hitler never invaded England, and apparently authorities did find evidence of a ritual that was conducted by the local coven of witches, including the bodies of two that gave their lives for the cause.


The Ghost Cavalry

During WWI, an English corporal went searching for rations, and saw a ghostly group of German cavalrymen ride through the trees, heading for some French soldiers. They waited for the clash of swords and guns, but heard nothing.

Later on, they asked local villagers about it, and were told that the forest was the site of a huge battle and the ghosts always reenact their last battle.


The ‘supposed’ death of Hitler

According to Soviet records, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in a Berlin bunker, that was then destroyed. But no one’s really accounted for the bodies. The bodies were supposedly buried under rubble, then buried, then moved and reburied, all in secret.

On the contrary, however, is a leaked and redacted FBI/CIA document that claims that Hitler snuck out, got aboard a U-boat and hid in Argentina. So far, no one’s proved the rumours, but no one’s disproved them either.


Saved by his brother’s ghost

Canadian veteran Will Bird wrote in his autobiography, that he was in a French Trench, asleep, when he was awoken by his brother. Except, his brother died on the battlefield 2 years prior. He was told to get his gear and move.

Seconds later, his former location was hit by a shell and his brother vanished.


The Ghosts of Mons

During WWI, at the battle of Mons, British forces were trying to push back the Germans at the French border. When the British were forced to pull back, soldiers claimed to see an entire army of spectral soldiers carrying bows, unleash arrows at the Germans and drive them back.

Even weirder, the Germans confirmed their account. They were pushed back by angelic/ghostly beings, with bows and arrows.

The 5th Norfolk Regiment at Gallipoli

This regiment was known as the “Sandringhams” and were a part-time volunteer militia. After sustaining heavy losses in battle, they all disappeared. No bodies or prisoners from the group was found.

Years later, veterans and survivors of the battle claimed they saw a cloud come and sweep away the entire regiment.

The Conversation

The Red Baron shot down a UFO

The legendary WWI German pilot claimed to have shot down a UFO over Belgium in 1917. This was confirmed by another German ace pilot.

Reportedly, two figures survived the crash and ran into the woods.

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