July 18, 2024

These miracle hair drops have so many 5-star reviews for making thin strands grow back in 3 months

UK haircare brand Philip Kingsley are most known for their Elasticizer hair mask (£19, Cult Beauty), but it’s their Tricho range that is designed to fight hair loss and was recently praised by influencer Lorna Luxe for growing back her fine strands.

Seriously, the before-and-after shots speak for themselves

Fine hair and hair loss are concerns for many women that can have a negative impact on self-esteem. There are many factors that can contribute to thinning hair, from genetics, vitamin-deficiency and stress to overuse of damaging heat tools without adequate protection.

Thankfully though, there are many products on the market specifically designed to restore hair’s lustre. One in particular has amassed a huge amount of five-star reviews – and it promises to give thicker, fuller hair in just three months.

The leading industry experts in trichology –the science of hair and scalp –Philip Kingsley developed the Tricho 7 drops, Tricho Complex supplements, and Tricho Pro spray to rejuvenate fine, damaged and thinning hair. The products can be used alone, but the brand recommends following the three-step regime for best results.

Step 1

A blow-dry spray to spritz through mid-lengths and ends of damp hair, the Tricho Pro Volumising Protein Spray contains organic quinoa protein to help strengthen hair and plump strands for instantly thicker, fuller hair.

Step 2

These hero drops took seven years to develop, test and perfect. Packed with hair-thickening ingredients and powerful antioxidants, use daily to enhance condition of the hair and scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.

Step 3

Award-winning supplements that target hair growth from within, using an expert mix of vitamins and minerals such as biotin which contribute to the maintenance of longer and stronger hair. Inspired by the vitamins prescribed at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics, start by taking two tablets daily (at breakfast and lunch), then reduce to one tablet daily after four months.

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