These Margiela Tabis Have Long Been on Whitney’s Shortlist of Fashion Grails

I don’t care if they’re “seasonally appropriate.” I’ve wanted them for approximately forever.

Calfskin Tabi boot, $980, available at Maison Margiela

There are so few items on my list of fashion grails to someday own that it hardly counts as a list. But a pair of red Maison Margiela Tabi boots is one of the few items that I’ve truly been thinking about having in my wardrobe for years. And now – perhaps somewhat inexplicably, considering that it’s finally open-toe-shoe weather – I’m dreaming about them all over again.

Margiela Tabis occupy a kind of unique space in the fashion landscape. They have a little bit of insider-y cache to them, the way a Supreme box logo did ten years ago, but they’ve somehow managed to evade the “It” item fate of becoming so popular that they’re endlessly knocked off and their cool factor diluted.

I love that these shoes are so timeless that they still feel as unusual and boundary-pushing today as they did when they first trotted down the Margiela runway in 1988.

Calfskin Tabi boot, $980, available at Maison Margiela

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