These luxury beauty products are all under £30 so you can treat your loved ones for less

The thing is, when we have had to endure months of cancelled plans and postponed holidays, it’s these little luxuries that can make all the difference.

Amidst a sea of lockdown sameness, they provide something special to look forward to – and we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of that, nor feel bad for enjoying it.
Somehow, the DHL delivery guy has become the highlight of my lockdown. Over the months spent at home, he has slowly but surely morphed into a less jolly, more regular version of Santa Claus.

Of course, my usual online orders comprise of innocuous household necessities. But sometimes, just sometimes, I’ve gone ahead and treated myself, after which, I check the order’s tracking information incessantly. My ears prick every time I hear his van pull up outside, and I freeze until I hear the distinctive sliding sound of the delivery van door.

I leap down the stairs before he has a chance to ring the door bell, and then coyly wait a few seconds so as not to alarm him with my unbridled enthusiasm. He places the parcel on the ground and steps back as I pick it up. As I shut the door again, I can already feel that sweet hit dopamine at the mere thought of opening my parcel.

Having said that, we are amidst a global pandemic and accompanying financial crisis, so being able to enjoy treats for less and sourcing items that offer great value for money deals becomes vital.

So without further ado, I thought I would share some of the beauty luxuries available for under £30 that make perfect presents for others, or else a pick-me-up for yourself…

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