June 17, 2024

These inflatable outdoor pools are here to officially un-cancel summer

That’s where inflatable pools come in. Yep, the ones you splashed about in as an excitable kid as soon as summer hit.

Nowadays, inflatable pools come in all shapes and sizes, so you can have your gal pals round for a sun-drenched soak in the pool as the summer weather finally graces us with its presence – all without having to leave the comfort (and safety) of your back garden.

While we found some absolute beasts on offer (think 10 foot x 10 foot), there are also plenty of smaller, more compact inflatable pools if your outdoor space is limited. Take this orange inflatable pool from Intex –it’ll fit one or two adults plus a couple of kids, and its dimensions are only 108 x 254 x 228cm.

Even though Coronavirus lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift in the UK, many of us may still feel uncomfortable about heading to the (probably very crowded) beach, or to swimming pool at the gym when they open on 25th July.

Or if you want to go all out, may we introduce you to possibly the chicest inflatable swimming pool on the market. This Hukoer family pool comes in a pretty peach and navy blue colourway, plus a handy sun cover over one end of the pool for those who want to stay sheltered from the sun. It also has one-click automatic air pump, so you can go and pour the prosecco while it’s inflating!

If you’re looking to up your garden game with one of these inflatable pools, we advise doing so as quick as poss, as retailers such as John Lewis are already totally sold out of similar items and sites such as Amazon have quite lengthy delivery times on some products due to demand.

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