These husbands are making the rest of us look pretty good

Listen, nobody is perfect, as these photos clearly prove. What these photos also prove, however, is that your husband definitely isn’t the worst. These savages may want to hide the sharp objects.

FTR, I am legitimately guilty of at least half of these…

“My husband is a monster…”

“The way my husband loads the dishwasher”

“This is how my husband leaves the blinds”

“He puts the knives in the dishwasher pointy side up”

“My husband put a plastic cutting board in the oven and I turned it on to preheat.”

“This is how my husband cut the cake”

“How my husband puts back cereal”

“My husband is 30 years old and he still doesn’t know how to open a box.”

“My husband is a psycho.”

“This is how my husband puts the TP on the roll”

“My husband put this back into our freezer. Our four year old was extremely disappointed.”

“My husband got to the Munchies before me”

“My husband wanted a bagel, apparently”

“The way my husband opens the butter. (or pretty much anything else for that matter)”

“How my husband opens the OJ”

“My husband thought we needed milk”

“A friend posted this picture on Facebook. Apparently her husband did this. Clearly grounds for divorce.”

“Asked my husband to butter the bread”

“The way my husband eats his orange…”

“How my husband opens resealable bags”

“The way my husband made shredded cheese out of my cheese slices”

“What happens when my husband pulls a banana off the bunch”

“The way my husband cuts this cake…”

“The way my husband returns most jars to the fridge”

“My husband wants to make sure I work for the ketchup”

“When my husband does this and then yells at the kids when it gets knocked over”

“The amount of cream cheese my husband left for me in the fridge this morning.”

“How my husband cuts avocados”

“How my husband makes muffins…”

“When my husband puts the silverware away”

“When my husband does laundry, he always leaves mine because “he doesn’t know what to do with it”.”

“The way my husband hangs up our son’s shirt.”

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