These clever facial tanning drops sold £400,000 worth in just 12 minutes

Fake tan has the ability to make you look your absolute best self without the threat of UV damage, solar acne or pigmentation.

So when we heard about an innovative new tan invention that’s selling like hot cakes, we had to investigate.

James Read Gradual Tan H2O Tan Drops Face are so in-demand that when they launched on QVC, they sold $580,000 (£427,000) worth in just 12 minutes.

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His new H2O Tan Drops, which cost £30, have a water base and skin-boosting ingredients such as Aloe Vera Water and Hyaluronic Acid so apparently work in partnership with your daily skincare to boost your favourite moisturiser, foundation or serum into a made-to-measure self tan.

Speaking to GLAMOUR about the launch, he said: “With more and more people looking for clean beauty, we’ve seen a huge interest in both our new H2O Tan Drops and Coconut Water Tan Mist. Consumers love that it’s a product that fits in with your lifestyle and doesn’t require any change to your existing skincare routine.”

We’ll take ten.

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