April 13, 2024

These Cats Got Wrapped Up For Christmas

If I can be completely honest, I utterly stink at wrapping gifts. In fact, I’m so bad at it, my mom teases me every year! However, after watching this video of a woman wrapping up her three cats, I might just put in a little extra effort this holiday season.

The now-viral clip is making its rounds on social media, and how could it not? Not one of my five kitties would stay still long enough to let me pet them, let alone put a bow on their heads and let it stay there!

Watch until the end to get a much-needed wrapping tutorial just in time for the Christmas season!

This Cat Owner’s Commentary While Her Kitty Tries on Halloween Costumes Is Purrrrfection

Uno the cat, a black kitty who has “one ear, but all the love to give,” got to go shopping at Petco for his Halloween costume this year, and the video of him trying on various getups with his owner, Kat Curtis, commentating in the background is purrrrfection. In the IGTV video, Kat gets Uno into a number of costumes, including, but not limited to, a Spider-Man Cat suit, a hot dog, a convict (he heads toward the door to leave once he has that one on, LOL), and a Cinderella-esque dress.

The mild-mannered kitty seems to be completely content trying on all of his outfits, especially the unicorn hoodie, which he sits in as Kat announces that with that one, he could have two ears for Halloween (! ! ) – but ultimately, he selects the one that speaks to him most, and I’ve got to say, it’s the one that speaks to me most as well. Happy Halloween, Uno!

The 40 Best Gifts For Moms Whose Favorite Word Is the F-Word

Buying a gift for your best mom friend (or perusing gift ideas to give people hints as to what you want) is as easy as opening Instagram or the Etsy app these days. And for a particular brand of mom, the mom who loves to drop a few F-bombs here and there (read: often), it’s almost too easy to compile an extensive list of curse word coffee mugs, t-shirts, and kitchen accessories that she would get a huge kick out of. Not to mention, all of the designs are super cute.

Ahead, our favorite products for the dirty-mouthed moms who love to say f*ck (because honestly, it’s just the best, most useful word).

Hallmark Channel Monopoly Has Arrived, and It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Any season is Hallmark movie season if you’re playing this new Monopoly game! Yep, that’s right – the board game you know and love just got a twist so you can celebrate all year long.

Fans can easily turn a holiday binge session into game night, with tokens representing notable Hallmark movie moments. Grab a friend (or five! ) and face off as you place inns and cottages around the seasonal Hallmark Channel Monopoly ($40) board. Will you buy the Christmas tree farm or the bed and breakfast? It’s up to you! Keep reading to get a closer look at the game below. We have a feeling this will be at the top of a lot of holiday wish lists this year.

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