These brow pencils will totally transform your face

Suffering with sparseness? Eylure’s pencil is enriched with rosemary oil to condition hair and promote brow growth, and the firm texture is ideal for super-sharp definition.

If you find that some brow products are too warm (think: unhelpful red or yellow tones), opt for the new ‘Soft Brown’ shade – a cooler hue ideal for dark blondes and light brunettes.

Defining Shading Brow Pencil, £5.99, Eylure

Micro Brow Pencil, £9, NYX Cosmetics

In an impressive range of eight shades, this soft pencil is ideal if your brows require some serious filling in. The pencil is super thin but not too heavy or waxy, so you don’t have to worry about going too OTT. And it’s under £10, so our bank accounts are happy, too.

Brow Contour Pro, £28.50, Benefit

If you’re after a brow pencil with the WOW factor, look no further, because Benefit’s Brow Contour Pro is a four-in-one pencil. Yep, four. That may seem pretty extra, but seriously, you use all four. There’s a lighter brow shade, a deeper brow shade, an edge definer shade, an an arch highlighter shade. The waterproof pencil comes in five shades and lasts for 24 hours, too.

Brow Wow, £3.99, Barry M

Barry M’s brow pencil only comes in two shades – light to medium and medium to dark – but at such a bargain price, we can’t complain. The soft texture of the pencil means you can create feathery strokes in an instant. We like to tame stray hairs with their Take A Brow brow gel afterwards.

Browtec, £19.50, HD Brows

This twist-up pencil has an ultra-thin tip, making it perfect for slick arches and natural-looking hair strokes. Use the brow brush to comb hairs upwards and open up your eyes.

Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, £31, Hourglass

A clever combo of powder, wax and pencil, use the pointed tips of this Hourglass miracle product to outline and define arches, and the flat edges to subtly shade. There’s nine shades, all the way from blonde to natural black, and there’s even an ashy option for platinum blondes.

Signature Brow Precision Pencil, £17, Kat Von D

Designed for buildable coverage, this pencil is ideal for brow beginners, or those who are fearful of the ‘big brow’ look. The pay-off isn’t instant, so you can layer colour until you get the desired effect. The elliptical tip is really precise, so the result is super-fine, natural-looking lines.

Brow Sculptor, £40, Tom Ford

Though this pencil is an investment for your makeup bag, it’s 100% worth it. It comes with everything you need for selfie-ready brows, including a grooming brush and sharpener. The calligraphy tip goes from thin to wide to achieve any type of stroke you like.

Precision Eyebrow Pencil, £4.99, Bourjois

For a seriously hard-working, pigmented yet affordable product, Bourjois’s brow pencil is a steal. It has up to 16-hour hold, so is ideal for a night of dancing (read: sweating). Careful not to apply with too much pressure, as the shades are rich and a little goes a long way.

Ultimate Arch Definer, £22, Blink Brow Bar

When it’s a product by the brand that brought threading to the masses, you know it’s going to be a winner. The two-in-one product features a velvety pencil for precise definition and natural-looking shading, with a kabuki brow brush for blending. Plus, there’s a decent array of seven shades to choose from, so you won’t be left with super-intense WTF brows.

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