These beautiful small tattoo ideas will make you want to get inked immediately

Wear your love for Autumn as a badge of honour on your thigh with this delicate leaf tattoo.

Why not make it Pride everyday of year? This colourful rainbow tat is as cute as it is meaningful.

A little inspiration for those that want to show their support for iconic strong women through ink. We love how this colourful design is as powerful as it is jaw-dropping gorgeous.

If defining your collarbone with bronzer doesn’t work, this dainty flower design will definitely draw the eye…

Minimalist tattoos might be taking the spotlight, but we’re really loving landscape inspired ink – perfect for the wanderluster.

How adorable are these pinky promises? Such a unique idea for a tattoo.

What a gorgeous way to keep a memory alive! He looks like a very good boy.

Can’t decide on a line drawing and something floral? Do both!

For the zodiac sign obsessive, this is probably the most perfect (tiny) tattoo.

Short and sharp quotes like this one work well.

And we like things like this, too.

If you’re opting for a small design, why not build up your collection so you have several?

Super delicate spring inkspiration.

White ink is winning over our hearts.

This cute little pink heart design is perfect as a symbol of friendship.

Love all things extraterrestrial? This cute little finger tat is for you.

If there’s a place in the world that captures your heart, prove it with ink.

These elephants are so cute just below the collar bone.

This shell reminds us of holidays.

We love this delicate heart on the wrist.

This pretty floral design looks gorgeous on the inner arm.

Love lavender? This one’s for you…

If you’re wild at heart, a bird design may be up your street.

A single word imprinted on your wrist can look stunning.

How cute is this line drawing picture?

How adorable is this heart made of finger prints?

This behind-the-ear rose is adorable.

Awh! Show your pet some love with a dedicated inking.

We love a skull design here at GLAMOUR HQ.

Our cats really do leave paw prints on our hearts…!

A cute mini fruit is a fun choice.

We love a good heart design, especially when it’s made from roses.

Butterflies are girly and sweet, especially in pink.

Love avocados, like, a lot? There’s a tattoo for that…

An anchor is a classic choice.

Love makeup a lot? Us too…

These designs are simple yet sweet.

A palm tree print is a great way to show your love for travel and warm climates.

This heart print has an edge, and the positioning on the hand is very unique.

Don’t want to quite commit? Try a different coloured ink.

This bird has character and looks lovely with the slogan necklace.

Little finger tattoos are a great way to get inked if you want to keep it simple.

If you’re going for a word or phrase, pick a very delicate font to make it ultra pretty.

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