May 30, 2024

These are the ultimate self-care TV series for guaranteed feel-good entertainment

Step forward the feel-goodTV showsthat feel like a warm hug. Here atGLAMOUR, we are defining self-care TV as the light-hearted, bingeable series that require little concentration but deliver the ultimate reward: escapism and happiness.

And as they require little concentration, you will be able to watch them as you work. Win-win.

As we approach the end of 2021 – the year full of ups and downs – sofa binges seem like a great idea because, self-care.

In this comprehensive list there are NO harrowing crime dramas that will keep you awake at night and instead, these shows serve up JOY ONLY.

As GLAMOUR’s Entertainment Director, I promise these are the best TV boxsets you can watch

If you are looking for a laugh-out-loud moment, look no further than our sisters of lol, the Derry Girls. The Channel 4 comedy features a group of friends who navigate growing up in mid-90s Ireland, during the Irish Troubles. With m miracles, Take That concerts, and even a polar bear or two, this is the girl gang that EVERYONE wants to be a part of.

Looking for some self-care with a side of hilarious drama? Step forward Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover. The US reality series follows Shea and Syd McGee as they help families to achieve their interior design dreams. Definitely have this one on in the background but make sure you tune back in to catch the jaw-dropping transformations.

Then there’s Instant Hotel, where four couples transform their homes into Airbnbs and judge each other based on the quality of their short-term stay. The highlight of the show is undoubtedly the iconic mother-daughter duo, Babe and Bondi, who have a margarita-themed home (yes, you read that correctly). Whilst we can’t book a one-way trip to Margaritaville right now, check into Netflix now for a one-way ticket down under.

With the classic self-care shows, Friends and Will & Grace and some under-the-radar lols from the likes of Grace & Frankie and Broad City, here is our roundup of the ultimate feel-good TV shows. They may not be good for the brain cells (who cares, our brains need a well-earned break anyway), but they’re good for the soul…

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