Chicest influencers are wearing on Instagram right now

From celebrities to influencers, fashion editors to Sarah next door – they’re quite literally everywhere. But while we’d likely not have predicted this insatiable resurgence a few months ago, we also wouldn’t have imagined we’d be confined to our homes for weeks on end with nothing but the quickest nip to a local shop providing us with an excuse to put on clothes. And as much as the cashier no doubt loved that midi dress you put on especially last week, dressing up in any way feels every so slightly absurd right now.
Don’t worry, six weeks in isolation (or is it seven? Who knows…) isn’t actually making you imagine things. Everyone on your Instagram feed really *is* wearing a matching tracksuit right now.

So… tracksuits it is. Once you resign yourself to them, though, there’s a whole world of options to explore.

Far from the predictable, Sporty-Spice-esque styles of yesteryear, there are a huge number of brands – both high end and high street (online only, of course) – catering to the comfies right now.

One of the most impressive, affordable offerings comes via e-tailer ASOS. Forever a total shopping saviour when it comes to finding just about anything you need for that night out, the big interview next week, or that holiday you’ve been planning for months (all three of these scenarios sound like they belong in another life right now), did you ever consider them as the go-to for cool, comfy loungewear too? You should.

Compared to the same time last year, ASOS have seen a 200% increase in tracksuit sales.

“Tracksuits have been performing really well and it’s not just the basic styles that are working” revealed ASOS. “Our customer is loving premium fabrications, washes and sleeve interest.”

“The stand out style for ASOS has been our oversized jogger which we have sold out of across all 5 colours. All are coming back into stock soon with new colour updates like baby pink and cocoa.”

When it comes to pricier incarnations, influencers seem to be obsessed with tracksuits by Les Girls Les Boys and Les Tien right now, and we can’t blame them. Super soft fabrics, clever crops and fun colourways, the world of loungewear never looked so good. (Let’s be honest, it *always* felt good).

Scroll down to shop GLAMOUR UK’s edit of the tracksuits you’d be wise to snap up right now to make the most of working from home…

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