These are the scariest things to ever swim in the ocean

It should go without saying that the ocean is still a complete mystery to us. There’s stuff down there that we still don’t understand, and un-explored regions that will require technologies we’ve still yet to develop. Ranging from creatures that have adapted to the dark and pressurized depths, to huge mammals such as whales that reach sizes that are mind-boggling, I’m just grateful that the age of sea monsters is over. Hopefully.

Have you ever had the chance to look into the kinds of things that used to live in the ocean? The creatures that used to live down there in the murky depths, that have thankfully gone extinct, were a nightmare. Reaching proportions we can’t even imagine, a million years ago was a time of terror and scary sharp teeth.These were some of the biggest and baddest sea monsters that used to live in the oceans.

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