These are the most rewatched TV shows, so how many have you seen over and over again?

We’re not complaining; we are eternally grateful to the guys at Netflix for bringing us hit series/ movie after hit series/ movie to keep us entertained in lockdown (case in point: Bridgerton, Pieces of a Woman, The Crown).

Another lockdown, another new TV show binge-watched and completed in just a few evenings.

But there’s also a lot to be said for circling back to our old favourites. In such scary and uncertain times (yes, we are quickly running out of synonyms for ‘unprecedented’), sometimes rewatching the old, nostalgic, mood-lifting classics can’t be beaten.

So, which are the old school favourites that you should be revisiting to cure the lockdown boredom and blues?

A new survey from Broadband Deals asked over 2,700 TV and entertainment fans around the world which TV shows they’ve been rewatching since March last year (when the first UK lockdown was initiated).

These are the TV shows we’ve been rewatching the most, and the percentage of respondents who watched the series more than once…

  1. Friends 63%
  2. Peep Show 59%
  3. The Office (US) 55%
  4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 53%
  5. RuPaul’s Drag Race 51%
  6. The Office (UK) 49%
  7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 48%
  8. Sex Education 48%
  9. Gilmore Girls 45%
  10. American Horror Story 44%
  11. New Girl 42%
  12. Big Bang Theory 40%
  13. Keeping Up with The Kardashians 39%
  14. Rick and Morty 38%
  15. How I Met Your Mother 38%

It doesn’t come as a surprise to us that the TV show we love to rewatch the most is Friends – everyone’s favourite ’90s sitcom not only ranks 21st on TV Guide’s ’50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time’ list; it’s soul-soothing, self-care TV at its finest (AKA what we all need right now).

Carrying on the comedy is Peep Show, The Office (US) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Then of course reality TV is a genre we love to come back to time and time again. There’s RuPaul’s Drag Race (plus with the new season airing, there’s now hours of new content to get stuck into) and Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

If you’re all nostalgia’d out, the survey also looked at the new TV shows we’re most likely to rewatch after completing in lockdown, with the top three consisting of Bridgerton, Schitt’s Creek, and The Crown.

Happy lockdown viewing!

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