These are the most iconic movie dresses of all time

Ever since the very first movie flickered onto the silver screen, audiences have been obsessed with on-screen costumes – and specifically the dresses – which can help tell each character’s story just as much as the dialogue.

We’ve reminisced over the past century’s most important films and, more importantly, the dresses that have grown into icons. And because we know you’ve acted out Cher’s “Calvin Klein” clap-back to Mr Horowitz in the mirror many times, we’ve also found versions of each of these dresses that you can barely tell apart from the original. You’re *so* welcome.

Celluloid has the ability to crystallise a fashion moment so it makes sense that Hollywood would call on the biggest fashion names of each era, like Givenchy in the early Sixties, Carolina Herrera in Y2K and Thierry Mugler in the 90s, to get involved. Although sometimes the most impactful creations come straight from the costume department, like the green satin gown Kiera Knightley wore in Atonement, and which is regularly voted as one of the most iconic movie dresses ever.

Or from the stars themselves… Diana Ross reportedly designed one of her ultra-impactful gowns from her leading role in Mahogany.

Whether you want to channel Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (there’s a modern McQueen gown for that) or Julia Roberts watching the polo in brown and white polka dots (we found a total ringer at ASOS) scroll through our edit of the most iconic movie dresses – and the versions you can buy right now that will make everyone do a double take.

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