July 17, 2024

These are the longest TV shows to keep you occupied in lockdown 2. 0

After all, now the days are darker and chillier, the thought of spending weekends and evenings binge-watching a newTV seriesnever felt more tempting.

And now, more than ever, we want a show that will please our marathon-watching cravings, one that will keep us busy for a least four weeks and maybe even longer. This isn’t the time for a short TV series, especially the ones that were scrapped after one or two seasons, what we want is a show with 9+ seasons, that will keep going for as long as we want it to.

OK, so going out (other than for exercise or work) might be off the cards for a month BUT let’s just see this time as an opportunity to enjoy snuggling up and taking some time out ahead of a (hopefully) busy festive period.

The good news is, there definitely isn’t any shortage of long TV shows and right now Amazon Prime and Netflix are teeming with them.

Whether you’re after some classic comedy gold, there’s the 11 season-strong Will and Grace, the US sitcom about two pals, interior designer Grace and her best friend, Will, a gay lawyer. Or there’s 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother, one of our all-time favs, based around a group living in New York – it is sort of the Friends of the 2010s. The protagonist, Ted Moseby is telling the story of, you guessed it, how he met his future children’s mother.

If you’re after some medical drama with handsome doctors galore, you may want to get stuck into ER (George Clooney in a white coat, you’ll melt) which ran for a whopping 11 seasons, or Grey’s Anatomy with 16 seasons and counting.

Those who want some top-notch drama, now is the time to catch The X Files starring Gillian Anderson – there’s 11 seasons to get through. Oh, and Silent Witness, with Emilia Fox, is a brilliant gritty crime-scene drama to binge if you don’t mind a bit of gore, with 23 seasons so far.

Here are the best longest TV shows with 9+ seasons to keep you entertained during Lockdown 2. 0…

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