May 25, 2024

These are the hot, new beauty treatments, the A-listers swear by, for getting awards season red carpet-ready

With the Golden Globes done and dusted, awards season is up and running and the stakes are higher than ever this year, with stars needing to dazzle both on and off screen (did you SEE Janelle Monae’s insanely luminous skin at the Golden Globes? ! ).

Cue Hollywood’s latest wave of weird and wonderful beauty treatments, designed to get this year’s crop of nominees looking practically perfect in every way before the red carpet.

It might be too late for a little surgical nip and tuck, but there’s still plenty you can do without going near a scalpel these days. Here’s the lowdown on the latest beauty rituals and treatments that are taking Tinseltown by storm.

2019’s most important facial feature

Forget cheekbones – this year it’s all about the jawline, according to Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Simon Ourian, who counts Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian among his clients. “Facial contouring is one of the most innovative treatments at the moment and we have a lot of patients focused on jawline contouring right now,” says Ourian.

He uses his trademark Neustem hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to add volume, smooth the surface of the skin and soften the appearance of wrinkles. “It’s one of the most effective choices during red carpet preparation,” says Ourian.

The battle to beat the sag continues

“2019 is the off-the-face year,” declares Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Jason Emer, who specialises in body contouring and high-definition liposuction and counts Bella Thorne as a regular. “Expect to see tighter skin, including more defined necks, chests, breasts, knees and elbows. ”

His top tip for tightening is Thermage, a radiofrequency treatment that stimulates cells to produce collagen for smoother looking skin. “Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna are probably doing this and no one really notices since it keeps the skin stimulated through this non-invasive treatment,” says Emer.

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Long live the queen of facials

Joanna Vargas has long been a celeb favourite for red carpet-ready skin, but since the launch of her new spa at Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Tower Hotel last year, she’s in hotter demand than ever with her West Coast clients. This is the woman responsible for the radiant appearances of several winners and nominees at the Golden Globes this year, including Rachel Brosnahan, Debra Messing and Rachel Weisz, and her signature Triple Crown Facial, which combines microdermabrasion, microcurrent and oxygen-infused therapy to deliver maximum glow, is the hottest ticket in town.

The must-have laser treatment

One of this season’s most in-demand treatments is Coolaser, available exclusively at Ourian’s Beverly Hills clinic, Epione. “Laser treatments like Coolaser, that address dark spots, stretch marks and resurface the skin to leave it smooth, soft and younger-looking, are extremely popular,” explains Ourian. “It’s appropriate for all skin types and leaves patients with a youthful glow that looks great on camera. ” The treatment works by using fractional lasers that penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, stimulating cell repair and collagen growth. Jenna Dewan and Olivia Culpo are big fans.

High hair gets a new meaning

By now you’ve probably heard about CBD oil skincare products, but did you know it’s also being used in haircare? Certain hairdressers, including Manhattan’s Salon Ishi, put their clients on a program of CBD oil for the scalp in the run up to awards season. The amino acids in the oil are chock full of protein, which help build up collagen and elastin in the hair, making it look thicker and fuller. And it might just help with calming those pre-show jitters, too.

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The latest weird and wonderful facial all the stars are after

We’ve had blood facials (here’s looking at you, Kim Kardashian) and penis facials (thanks for that, Sandra Bullock) but luckily, this season’s must-have facial ingredient is something a little less alarming: salt.

“Salt facials freshen and bring glow to the skin,” explains Emer. “The trend now is for a much more natural approach. ” Organic sea salt is used to exfoliate the skin’s surface and remove dead cells, oil and debris before ultrasound is applied to push customised serums into the skin for brightening, hydration or acne improvement. Finally, LED therapy is used to calm skin redness and decrease inflammation to build collagen, treat acne and decrease pigmentation.

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