April 15, 2024

These are the causes Lili Reinhart has stood up for and we couldn’t love her more for it

The American actress has called out a magazine for Photoshopping her waist, blasted Hollywood for rewarding skinny body shapes, and regularly opens up about her battle with anxiety and depression.

For someone whose life is not exactly normal, Lili remains of one of the most honest, down-to-earth celebrities of our time and here are all the reasons we back her…

Here at GLAMOUR, we adore Lili Reinhart. Since rising to fame in the role of Betty Cooper in hit teen drama Riverdale, Lili, who is celebrating her 23rd birthday today, has continuously used her platform to support and promote the causes most personal to her.

Mental Health

Lili has regularly spoken out about her battle with anxiety and depression on social media. After announcing she was re-entering therapy, Lily took to Instagram writing: “Friendly reminder for anyone who needs to hear it: Therapy is never something to feel ashamed of. ” She also tweeted about the “worst depression” she’d ever experienced when she bagged the role of Betty on Riverdale and why “mental health should be your priority. ” Here, here!

Body positivity

Since rising to fame in Riverdale, Lili has always spoken very openly about body shaming. In March 2018, the American actress appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines where her waist had been noticeably slimmed down. Instead of revelling in the Photoshopped image, Lily uploaded honest before-and-after images of the shot that highlights a clear difference to the size of her waist.

“To see our bodies become so distorted in an editing process is a perfect example of the obstacles we have yet to overcome,” she captioned the Instagram story.

Lili also lashed out at fans for being “hypocritical” when they created a poll comparing her body to model Taylor Hill’s. After reading comments like “fat” and “the model looks way better”, Lili wrote on Tumblr: “This is a poll. A competition. A comparison of two bodies. It’s a feeding ground for comments of judgement and negativity…It is a perfect way to fuel this delusional idea that it’s still okay to put women on a pedestal and compare them. ”

Kudos to Lili for getting real with her fans.


When Lili and Cole Sprouse confirmed they were dating at The Met Gala in May 2018, the world couldn’t get enough of Riverdale’s IT couple. The tabloids were permanently commenting on their relationship status and speculation was rife, but the couple, who have since split, remained private throughout their relationship. “It’s called a private life for a reason – it’s mine, and it’s special and sacred,” she told Seventeen. “My relationships are between me and whomever I’m with, not between me and the world. ”

At a time when social media threatens to ruin all privacy, we respect Lili’s decision to keep her private life, well, private.

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