April 13, 2024

These are the books will be reading this summer and you should too!

With summer holidays on the horizon, our minds are swiftly turning to our ever-growing list of holiday reads. From bingeable thrillers, to juicy non-fiction, these are the summer reads will be diving into.

Here at , we love nothing more than getting stuck into a good book on holiday.

The feeling of settling into a sun lounger for the day with a pacy thriller in one hand and an Aperol Spritz in the other is, well, pure bliss.

Fleishman Is In Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner
Natasha Pearlman, Contributing Editor

I’ll be diving into Taddy Brodesser-Akner’s Fleishman Is In Trouble on my flight to New York this summer. It’s set, aptly, in Manhattan’s Upper West and East Sides, and chronicles the bitter divorce of Toby and Rachel – and her sudden disappearance. Tipped as the book of the summer, I can’t wait to get stuck into this gripping tale of lost love – while I sit baking in Central Park!

Behaviour of Love by Virginia Reeves
Camilla Newman, Publishing Director

What better way to soak up the laid-back Californian lifestyle in LA than getting lost in a good book on the beach? This year I’ll be reading Behaviour of Love by Virginia Reeves. When a head doctor of a mental institution develops feelings for a younger patient, his marriage and job come under fire. My friend disappeared in it for two days straight. I’ve just started and am already hooked!

Three Women by Lisa Tadeo
Jenna Rak, Senior Strategist

I’ve heard both rave reviews and quite scathing comments about this book, which makes me even more excited to read it. Based on thousands of hours of research, Lisa Tadeo has written this debut, boundary-pushing, non-fiction book about desire in its many forms. It follows the lives of three different women and their sex lives, with frankness and humour. Can’t wait!

Those People by Louise Candlish
Millie Feroze, Entertainment Assistant

Last year I devoured Louise Candlish’s Our House faster than you can say ‘Pina Colada’, so I was thrilled to see she’s released a gripping new crime-thriller just in time for my trip to Puglia. Those People tells the story of a friendly suburban neighbourhood who are rocked when a horrific crime happens on their street. The residents are convinced the newest family on the block are responsible, but the police don’t agree. Bring it on!

The To-Do List and Other Debacles by Amy Jones
Elle Turner, Deputy Beauty Editor

Having previously worked with Amy and benefited from her no-holds barred honesty towards everything from periods to mental health, I’m so excited to see she’s written her first book which is exactly as forthright and genuine as the woman herself. I’ve just come back from a week away in the Wiltshire countryside and ploughed through her brutal account of the stresses and struggles of millennial women.

At times sober and at others, downright hilarious, Amy has a magical empathetic quality. Though not “strictly” autobiographical, the subjects in The To-Do List Other Debacles, are true to life. If you’ve ever felt inadequate, anxious or had a meltdown in the work toilets only to be buoyed back up by your closest pals, you’ll one hundred percent relate. Bold and brave, Amy is proof that conversation (even if the topic is awkward) is salve for the soul. She’s proof also, that we could all do with being a little kinder to ourselves.

I Like To Watch by Emily Nassbaum
Marie-Claire Chappet, Contributing Features Editor

If you can’t binge-watch TV on your hols this summer, you can certainly read about it. Emily Nussbaum is the Pulitzer-prize-winning culture critic for The New Yorker, and her collection of essays on TV – why it’s important and how it shapes us, looks set to be as funny and original as her journalism. I can’t wait to dip into this in between dips in the pool.

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones
Serena Connolly, Assistant Producer

I’ll be packing An American Marriage when I head off to Greece this summer. It’s the book the whole world is talking about – and for good reason. It featured in Oprah’s book club and was recommended by Barack Obama. It’s a yes from me.

Almost Adults by Ali Pantony
Chelsea Hughes, Picture Editor

When I’m not partying in Ibiza, I’ll be nursing my hangover on the beach with Ali’s brilliant new book about the joys and struggles of being a twenty-something.

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