These are the best snack subscription boxes for you to graze on

My go-to’s are easy things like crisps, chocolate and sweets, but I appreciate a range of tasty snacks and therefore like to keep my stock as varied as possible – I never know what I’ll be craving from each day to the next.

I’m a self-proclaimed snacker – be it savoury or sweet – I’m not picky, I just love to nibble. Even if I’ve just ingested a large meal, best believe I’ll be heading to the snack cupboard (everyone has one) to indulge in my next treat.

That’s where my hunt for snack subscription boxes came to fruition. What better way to try new things than by investing in a service that can deliver it all straight to me?

Over the last year and a half, boredom has taken its toll on me as much as it has on everyone else, so I’ve found myself turning to new foods and picky bits to broaden my taste buds’ horizons – so to speak. While doing that, I’ve tried things like meal delivery services (think Mindful Chef and Gousto), alcohol delivery services to sip on different tipples, and I even tested some vegan meal delivery services and invested in some new cookware sets too. It’s safe to say my appetite has only heightened.

While I always crave less healthy snacks (chocolate chip cookies, I’m looking at you), and appreciate a goodie box filled with all my faves, I sometimes hanker for more nutritious nibbles too.

It’s important for me to have a good balance of ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ foods, whatever your idea of those might be, but sometimes it’s hard to get a good mixture in without spending hours down the confectionery aisle in the supermarket – even though that’s something I actually quite enjoy. That’s where the appeal of a snack subscription box comes in for me.

Whether I’m in need of a little something to lift my spirits on a particularly trying day, or want something to give me fuel before heading to the gym or doing a home workout, snack subscription boxes are the way forward.

One of the best snack subscription boxes that I’ve tried has got to be Graze. Each month you receive a box that’s full of treats which are totally tailored to your specific tastes and preferences – you just create an account and tell the brand what you like. There’s always a new snack to try with Graze, I’ve tried a variety of foods and I’ve honestly loved all of them.

Another great snack subscription box is Love Free From. They have a variety of different boxes to choose from depending on your dietary requirements – they even have a gluten and dairy free box, if you’re intolerant to both.

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