May 20, 2024

These are the best plant pots to show off your greenery or spruce up your interior

I’ve got a soft spot for indoor plants – from hanging plants to low-light plants – (a bit of greenery indoors is an instant mood-lifter for me), so my excessive buying of cute pots to keep them in is validated.

However, I also love the look of an empty plant pot on my bookshelf, desk or dining table. They just fill a gap.

Shopping for the best plant pots is my new favourite hobby. Whether you have a green thumb and actually intend on planting anything in them, – or if you simply wish to use them as decoration on your bedside table or coffee table – plant pots and indoor planters are super versatile.

A grown-up purchase, yes, and one that signifies my new-found obsession for all things interior, plant pots are my weakness. Invite me to a day out shopping and you can bet I’ll pick up a new planter. In a similar way that a vase just adds something to your home, even when empty, a plant pot is the perfect decorative item.

Which pots are best for plants? And what kind of pots are best for indoor plants?

Ceramic or plastic seem to be the two most popular materials for housing plants. While ceramic is often the prettiest in terms of appearance and detail, they can often be porous and expose your plant to root rot from overwatering – unless of course they’re glazed and therefore waterproof. Plastic pots are lighter and easier to clean, but they’re not often as decorative or aesthetically pleasing.

For an indoor plant, you’re likely to want something that is easy to transport – for when you fancy a switch around – and that won’t leak at the bottom (save the ones with draining holes for your plants outside).

If your indoor plant is going to live on the floor, you might want to consider a plant pot with a stand so that it stands out and gets the light it needs – like the Abuo Long Pink Plant Pot and Stand from Oliver Bonas.

Anthropologie’s Grecian Bust Planter is perfect for something fun and different – it’d make a great accent feature in your bathroom, plant or no plant inside. Carefully handcrafted from durable cement, it’s ready to house sprawling ivy and sculptural succulents alike. I’d personally prop this against a pile of books and use it as a funky bookend with some greenery poking out.

If you’re short on surfaces but still wish to bring the outdoors in, look to hanging plants and hanging plant pots like this Double Seagrass Planter from Oliver Bonas, or Burgon & Ball’s Baby Dotty Hanging Plant Pot Trio. They make a snazzy alternative to paintings or wall art prints.

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