July 22, 2024

These Are the Best No-Show Socks Steph Has Found for Exposed-Ankle Season

Trust me, I’ve tried so, so many of them. Women’s Cushioned No Shows, $12, available at Bombas.

Women's Cushioned No Shows, $12, available at Bombas.

Rejoice! It’s the most wonderful time of year: EAS. That’sExposed-Ankle Season, of course. Liberate yourself from the constraints of boots and tall socks, bust out your favorite loafers or sneakers and let those ankles be free.

But in order to do that – and not wind up with horrible blisters before you make it to ETS (Exposed-Toe Season, duh) – the key is to arm yourself with some quality no-show socks.

Over the years, I’ve tried just about every option you can find at Target, Nordstrom or Amazon, and have always just accepted that wearing no-show socks means settling for the fact that they’ll inevitably ride down and bunch up. Enter these miracle foot accessories from Bombas, which completely changed everything.

They’re cut in some sort of magical way that holds them firmly in place, have extra cushioning at the toe and heel (so they’re insanely comfortable) and last much longer than the other hole-prone no-show socks I’d been wearing of years. Bombas also makes a slightly cheaper non-padded version and a low-cut version (risqué! ), which are also great, but I’m especially addicted to the extra cushy support of these.

Now my only objective is to stock up on as many pairs as possible and try like hell not to let them mysteriously disappear into the laundry Bermuda Triangle.

Women’s Cushioned No Shows, $12, available at Bombas.

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