April 12, 2024

These are the best hair bonnets that experts say are the secret to keeping curls rich and healthy

Silk scrunchies have proven to be one of the hottest hair accessories this year, but the bonnets are about to take over. And for good reason.

While silk pillowcases are popular amongst the curly hair tribe, and silk scrunchies add an elegant touch to any old bun, the bonnets come in handy to to keep those coils void of friction.

They allow the hair to sit freely inside it. This also means avoiding any involuntary pulling or tugging of your hair while you’re asleep.

Hair bonnets have been the talk of Twitter ever since Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi started religiously sporting them while matching them with her PJs. Talk about bedtime beauty goals!

As anyone with curly/coily hair can probably attest to, bonnets are one of the best hacks for keeping hair glossy and protected against the friction from cotton sheets and pillowcases.

Why is a silk bonnet good for your hair?

Silk is hair kryptonite. Its natural, smooth texture has been found to improve the quality of hair. It prevents frizziness and reduces thinning, without forming split ends.

Silk bonnets are also known to keep your locks in optimal form by protecting hair from breakage as it causes less friction and tension on the hair, than other materials. They also help control tangling and leave your hair feeling super soft! It therefore serves as the perfect material for all hair types of hair but especially for hair that is dry and prone to breakage.

Hairstylist and educator Dionne Smith – whose celebrity clientele include Venus Williams, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Amber Gill – adds that silk pillowcases can also help to lock-in moisture.

“Silk bonnets can also prevent dry hair, as cotton pillows absorb moisture from our hair, which causes dryness. Using a silk bonnet will reduce this moisture loss. ”

What hair types benefit most from silk bonnets?

Although curly hair tribes have been sitting on this bonnet secret for a long time, all hair textures would benefit from making the switch. Dionne Smith says: “Silk bonnets are beneficial for all hair types, as everyone wants healthy, hydrated hair. But curly, coily hair will see more of a benefit to their curls after using a silk bonnet. ”

What is the difference between silk and satin bonnets?

When it comes to silk or satin, experts recommend either or, depending on your style preference and budget. The difference mostly lies in on the material. “A silk bonnet is made up of natural fibres, while a satin bonnet is a combination of different fabrics like nylon, polyester.

“They both maintain the natural oils in your hair and allow less friction between your hair and other surfaces, so which material you choose is completely up to you,” Dionne adds.

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