June 24, 2024

These are the best fans for cooling your home down during the UK heatwave

Granted, as soon as the hot weather hits, fans will go out of stock faster than you can say “picnic in the park”. We’ve seen it happen before and it’ll certainly happen again.

So, our advice? Order one while you still can. But which is the best fan to buy?

According to household goods retailer AO, the most in-demand fan right now is the Dyson Pure Cool Tower PS04 Air Purifier. And to be honest, going off the success of their cordless hair straightener and AirWrap styler, we’re not surprised. It’s a reliable and powerful fan which will last the entirety of this heatwave and every other heatwave in the future thanks to its ability to project and circulate purified air using Air Multiplier™ technology.

It’s sold out on the Dyson website right now, but you can still get your hands on it on Amazon.

A heat wave is coming. We repeat: a heat wave is coming. We’ve got a sweaty upper lip just thinking about it.

Temperatures are set to soar in the UK this week, with highs above Morocco’s temperatures in some parts of the country. And that only means one thing. Nope, not that you need to whack out your bikini, fill your virtual basket with one-piece swimsuits, invest in some picnic equipment and stock up on the best sun cream (although you definitely need to do those things too). It means that you need to beat the rush and order one of the best fans to keep you cool indoors.

Having a fan by your side through the ups (cocktails in the sun, the tan, the photo opps. ) and the downs (the chafing, the sweating and the sleep struggles) of a heat wave is paramount – and more important than ever this year.

Since we’re all working from home, we’re not after repeats of the fan-less and sticky summer of 2019. We want a cool working environment and plenty of zzz’s.

If the Dyson Pure Cool isn’t for you, there are plenty of other fans out there. Think about your requirements – do you want a classic desk fan, a handheld fan, a tower fan or a pedestal fan? Think about the size of your room – small rooms or office spaces will only need a desk fan to keep cool, while larger spaces might need something more powerful.

You should also consider nighttime. If you can only sleep in complete silence (you’re not alone), make sure you opt for a quiet model (we’ve outlined the quietest below). Or at least one which can be controlled via a timer/turned on and off with a remote control from the comfort of your bed.

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