These are the best artificial Christmas trees to buy online ahead of the festive season

With artificial Christmas trees in high demand, especially as we head into lockdown and want to make our home as festive as possible, they have certainly come a long way in quality.

While it used to be blindingly obvious which trees were fake, now you’d be forgiven for thinking they are real. That’s not to say some aren’t more desirable than others.
Artificial Christmas trees were once considered tacky and a festive faux pas, but times have changed, and they’re flying off the shelves from October onwards.

Now we have realised how practical and cost-effective artificial trees really are, everyone is swapping their annual trip to the garden centre for a swift online order instead.

Ok, you miss out on the wonderful scent from a real Christmas tree, but you also don’t have pines falling everywhere and subsequent hours spent hoovering it all up. Besides, there’s no shortage of pine scented candles to recreate the illusion of a real tree. We’re sold, are you?

Where should you begin your search? The White Company, naturally. With a choice of mini potted spruces, pre-lit styles (urm, YES) and a range of medium-to-large designs, these faux trees will instantly inject festive spirit into your home – and they’ll fool your neighbours too. We’re opting for the Grand Spruce.

John Lewis’s Newtington pre-lit Christmas tree is also a stronger contender. The tree’s outer tips have been purposefully moulded to look like the real deal, and we love how bushy the pines are. With three slot together sections, it can be assembled in seconds.

If you’re looking to spend less than £100, consider Argos’s 6ft mixed tip faux tree. Aside from looking incredibly realistic with its light brown branches, this tree can easily be packed into a box ready for next year. Frugal and fabulous – what more could you want?

With Christmas only eight weeks away, waste no time in purchasing your artificial Christmas tree. Then thank us later when you’re not sweeping up pines for the next year.

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